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Log in Log Out Payroll System

By akomismo Mar 24, 2011 858 Words
In modern time, we live though in the actuality of rapid growth of technology. Since 1990s, Information Technology has been widely used in many industries. Particularly, Information Technology has modified the way of people doing their job and has changed the process and nature of work both in the public & private sectors and commercial organizations. Today it is widely recognized that most organizations need information systems to survive and succeed in the competitive business environment. Predominantly, a business such as food franchising largely affected by the lift of information technology that extends their business range to far-away locations, offer new products and services, reform organization structure and work flows, and perhaps significantly change the way they operate business. As the impact of advanced technology, in 1997 Biometrics emerge in the field of information technology. Biometrics used to sustain identification encryption purposes, which meet the criteria of

reliability, uniqueness, collectability, convenience, longevity, universal, and acceptability. As a result, various forms of industry use Biometrics under two circumstances, voluntarily for things like, employment, access to special services, information or protection, and involuntarily for criminal identification and border control. Some business companies are experiencing the following: manual time entry encoding that takes a lot of time, endless complaints and adjustments employees, no database of past payroll history for the previous years. Interpreting observations, the researcher conceptualize Payroll System: Log in Log out using Biometrics, a combination of two systems that use the application of Biometrics. This kind of system, is widely use by today’s business organization meant for succeeding competitive business environment. Log in Log out system is use for timekeeping, while the payroll system includes the process of calculating the salary or wages of employees up to supervisory level. And a mixed of two said system can reduce company’s operation length and cost. This system provides the administrator to the privileges to access, add, remove and modify information about the employees. Greenwich SM Bicutan branch is the subject of the study. Greenwich is a small entrepreneurship that made an extraordinary leap to the big league and now the Philippines` biggest pizza chain. The store has existing login-logout system that uses a Bundy clock which recognizes the accumulated hours of each worker and transcribes it in a time card. In a recent study it was observed that in the existing system, still the manager manually computes the salary of the worker based on the written hours in the time card then a manager will encode it to a database. A manual computation of worker’s salary may result to some risk such as inaccurate calculation and time consuming exertion. Many food chains like Greenwich SM Bicutan branch use to compute worker’s salary contingent on the accumulated hours of each worker which can be counted from the time a worker is in to the time a worker is out. Apropos of the current situation, a log in- log out system can be possibly attached with biometrics devices. That with human contact to a certain biometric device it is possible to verify the employees’ attendance. A profound exigent of the study is combining a glance of payroll system and log in- log out system that incorporates the notion of biometrics.

Greenwich pizza is one true Filipino pizza chain- a small entrepreneurship that made an extraordinary leap to the big league. What started out as a small over the counter pizza store in Greenhill’s commercial center in 1971 is now the Philippines` biggest pizza chain. The initial steady growth of its business is credited to the entrepreneurial spirit of Mrs. Cresida Tueres by 1994; her store counter grew to 50 branches. It was then that fast food giant Jollibee foods corporation saw the great potential in Venturing into the growing market of pizza and decisively obtained a deal, Acquiring 80% of Greenwich shareholding. The new company became, known As Greenwich Pizza Corporation and went through exciting rapid developments with the mobilization of experienced marketing and operation teams. Successive innovations happened for the company immediately after the Acquisition. In September 8, 1994, Greenwich opened its first store at ever Gotesco Commonwealth Shopping Mall, sporting the new and vibrant image of Greenwich. New packaging designs were introduced in June 1995 and 7 Different pizza flavors were launched in July of the same year. The Greenwich Social Pizza, with 7 toppings, became the classic favorite of costumers. In October 1995, the Greenwich marketing campaign went into full swing. With the young and the young- at- heart as the target market, a tri media campaign was launched to reveal Greenwich’s new image. By year end, Greenwich had more than doubled the previous year’s sales from 100 million to 200 million pesos with a base of only 53 stores. The ensuring years saw a remarkable boom in Greenwich’s operations and revenues. In 1996, launching local actor and personality Rico Yan as the image model proved to be a successful campaign strategy. By the end of that year, the number of stores had grown to 80 and sales to nearly 500 million pesos.

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