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Chapter I
The advancement of technology rapidly evolved, computerized systems were developed for the improvement and enhancement of human , as a matter of fact, most companies and institutions are using computerized system to aid some difficulties encountered the manual process. Most private and public schools of Marinduque are using DTR and Log-Sheet for logging-in/logging-out. It has been helping institution and organization in monitoring their attendance of the personnel. The Marinduque Academy (MA) is an educational incorporated that uses a manual Log-in/Log-out process. This manual process causes problems such as difficulties in computing the total hours worked by the employees. There is also lack of security of the files and records. Due to the problems observed, the proponents were encouraged to develop a “Log-in/Log-out and Payroll System Integrated with Biometrics Using Fingerprint” proposed as a replacement for the manual process. The system is capable of computing and monitoring daily attendance of the personnel who report in Quezon- Roxas High School. This proposed system will help the employees to log-in/log-out faster and easier with the use of the said proposed system. The payroll clerk will compute the total hours worked every fifteen (15) days easier and accurately. Marinduque Academy (MA) started its operation in 1974. the employees have used the Daily Time Card (DTR) in log-in/log-out since the Daily time record (DTR) was started to be implemented.

Statement of Objective
In General, The objective of the study is to develop a log-in / log-out and payroll System integrated with Biometrics using Fingerprint of Marinduque Academy (MA) that will help the MA Personnel. Sufficiency this study aims to
General Objective
* Evaluate the current System that would be replaced by the computerized systems. * automate the tradition methods of verification of users identities and improved the process of log – in/log-out in the guard house * Can be operated easily. Payroll would take care of the day to day Attendance of All Employee.

Specific Objective
Specifically the system aims at the following.
* To Lessen the Manpower employed in generating the payroll * to minimize the time spent in Log-in and Log-out

Significance of the Project
The proposed payroll system integrated with biometrics using fingerprint for Marinduque Academy (MA) is proposed for the improvement of the existing system. This proposed system would be more accurate and get easier computation of the salaries of employees, hence this system will minimize task. The task of the cashier and payroll clerk will be lessen because the necessary computations needed in the generation of payroll automatically computed such as the total numbers of hours work, absences and leave earned. The computation and deduction done by the payroll clerk and preparation of the payroll report will also be automatically done. It will decrease and ease the cashier to prepare the payroll system and computation of deductions. Page

This could also help other student who would be designing a similar system in the future, this serve as guideline and reference to improve their system. Finally, the proponents will gain knowledge of how to develop a system and will also serve as the foundation of developing another system that will improve their abilities.

Scope and Limitation


The proposed development is focused in the log-in/log-out process of the employees including the personnel information and accurate computation of the total hours worked as well as the computation for Payroll of Quezon – Roxas High School (QRHS). It can monitor employee daily attendance and also capable of updating leave credits of employee. And it can provide and generate remittances report agencies and print General Payroll report. It can identify the total hours worked by the personnel as well as the leaved credits of...
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