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SESSION 201409

Personal Information

Name : Ng Yun Pei
Student’s Register No. : 14WBD05812
I.C NO : 960410-10-5154
Telephone No : 0163633606
E-mail : yunpei96@gmail.com
Programme : Diploma inBusiness Administration Current address : Lot 2890, Jalan Malinja, Setapak 53000 Kuala Lumpur.

Performance Evaluation
Throughout the practical session, the performance of all the students who enroll in the co-curriculum course will be evaluated through marks, and graded. However, the grades will not contribute to the GPA and CGPA. Games/Sports & Cultural courses are evaluated based on the following: i. Attendance 20%

ii. Log Book 20%
iii. Involvement 10%
iv. Achievement 10%
v. Technical skills 1 20%
vi. Technical skills 2 20%

1. Students who are absent from the Co-curriculum course and present a letter of the reasons stated below will be considered present with a remark:

a. Medical Certificate (MC)
b. Represent TAR College for external events
c. Death of IMMEDIATE family member
2. Students who are absent with the reason below will not be considered present:

a. Involvement in club/ societies/school activities
b. Personal matters

Course Content Lesson Plan (to be given)

Week 1
History and current development.
Introduction to aesthetic of dance its currents development. Demonstrate & practice the basic Ball room dance steps and movement. Solo exercise (man and woman)
Cold hold
The walks and progressive side step

Week 2
Coordination between rhythm and dance movement.
Demonstrate and practice the basic Ball room dance steps.
Solo exercise (man and woman)
The reverse turn
Progressive link and closed promenade
Natural rock turn

Week 3
Understanding the various aspects of dance.
Demonstrate and practise the basic hip hop dance steps.
Slip and slide
Kick ball change
Crip walk
The salute

Week 4
Appreciation of the message and the beauty of the dance
Demonstrate and practise the basic hip hop dance steps.
Top rock
Down rock
Walk it out

Week 5
Characteristics and knowledge of the dancing steps and movement Demonstrate and practise the basic and roll dance steps
Body wave movements
Throwing basic movements
6 basic steps

Week 6
Skill test 1
Revision of all dances

Week 7

Demonstrate and practise the basic and roll dance steps
Supporting foot
Kicks (lifts, jumps, throws and flip)

Week 8
Demonstrate and practise Traditional Folks dance steps.
Indian/ Malay/ Chinese

Week 9
Demonstrate and practise Traditional Folks dance steps.
Indian/ Malay/ Chinese

Week 11

Skill test 2
Revision of all dances

Week 12
Competition (co-curriculum day)

Rules and Regulations
The rules and regulation of contemporary dance are students are required to wear proper sports attire. We should pass up our co-curricular slip to teacher as taking our attendance before we start the lesson. Besides, students must be punctual and attend to the class regularly. At first, we need to warm up before we start dancing so that we will not get injuries easily. Foods and drinks are not allowed in our class. We are expected to be courteous and respectful to everyone at all time. (86 words)

Current Issues
An evening of 4 new contemporary dance works by 2 young choreographer- Chai Vivian and Fauzi Amirudin, graduates holding diploma in bachelor of dance (choreography) hons degree from ASWARA just completed in 2013. Based on the article above, I can see that work hard gets pay off due to both of them has work hard in their interest and put a lot...
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