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Topics: Crime, Actor, Mike Leigh Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: January 24, 2015
Hot Seat
Hot seating is when a character is questioned by the group about his or her background, behaviour. Hot seat is a good way for you to practice with improvisation, you are a character and someone who is not in the hot seat will ask you a question (e.g “what was your childhood like?”) you would then have to think about your character you are playing the role of and think of a reply. Not only giving a reply but to act as the character themselves, if the character you were playing was guilty of commiting murder you would act ashamed and look guiltly, speaking with a quite tone of voice. Today in the lesson we were looking at Vera Drake, Vera Drake is a film which was released in 2004, the film was written and directed by Mike Leigh, telling the story of a working-class woman in London in 1950 who performs illegal abortions. Vera belived that she was doing the right thing by helping young girls get rid of the child that they didnt want (abortion), in the1950s abortion was seen as a crime, people wasnt allowed to have one, this is why Vera got arrested and questioned. After we watched the trailer for the film we got into groups and got given charaters from what we already knew about Vera, the characters were Vera, Vera’s husband and the police officer. Once we had our characters we then got ‘Hot Seated’ people from the group aasked the person getting hot seated question such as ‘did you believe you were doing the right thing?’ and ‘did you know you were helping others commit crimes that we dont accept?’ the person then who had been given the role of Vera and was beening Hot Seated then had to answer and act in the way their character would.
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