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We would like to thank all those who have helped us in the elaboration and preparation of this work especially our module lecturer Mr. Dev Mootien for his theoretical concepts.

Table of Contents Page

1. Introduction-----------------------------------------------------------------------------3

2. Profile of our Hotel--------------------------------------------------------------------4

3. What is a lobby?-----------------------------------------------------------------------5

4. Plan of the Lobby----------------------------------------------------------------------6

5. The Functional areas of the Lobby--------------------------------------------------7 1. Cyber Café
2. Luggage Room
3. Lounge
4. The Back Offices-------------------------------------------------------------8 5. Main Entrance
6. Administration Office--------------------------------------------------------9 7. Lifts----------------------------------------------------------------------------10 8. Stairs

9. Concierge---------------------------------------------------------------------11 10. The Public Relation Counter
11. Reception---------------------------------------------------------------------12 12. The Water Fountain
13. Information Desk------------------------------------------------------------13 14. The Main Restaurant--------------------------------------------------------14 15. The Main Bar-----------------------------------------------------------------15 16. Tourists Shops----------------------------------------------------------------16 17. The Patio----------------------------------------------------------------------17 18. The Coffee Shop-------------------------------------------------------------18

6. Materials and Decorations-----------------------------------------------------------19

7. Circulation-----------------------------------------------------------------------------20

8. Safety and Security-------------------------------------------------------------------21

9. Hazard Signs--------------------------------------------------------------------------22

10. Conclusion----------------------------------------------------------------------------23

11. References----------------------------------------------------------------------------24

1.0 Introduction

The idea behind this project is to design a lobby of a first class hotel of 200 rooms and therefore we decided to create a virtual hotel. Good planning and coordination was important for the work to realize. It took us a lot of time to design our lobby and for that we had to do a lot of research work in order to have the necessary information to make a good lobby.

1.1 The objectives of the architect

1- To cluster the public facilities- restaurants, lounges, conference rooms, front desk and so forth around the lobby, ensuring hotel guests can find the various facilities with a minimum difficulty. 2- Also when guests linger in it, the lobby in it, the lobby serves as an informal gathering space. It also functions as a control point with the staff visually over seeing access throughout the building. 3- Provide clear path to front desk, food and beverage, reservation, public relation officer through the lobby. 4- Make the front desk visible to entering guests. It should have sufficient space for check in / check out lines and have direct access to the front office.


2.0 Profile of our hotel

Le Royal Hotel is set on a superb location, tucked between Le Morne Mountain and one of Mauritius’ most beautiful beaches. It stretches itself on the spectacular Le Morne Peninsula, on the South-West tip of the island. This luxury hotel covers an impressive...

References: 1. Lawson Fred – Hotels & Resorts, Planning, Design & Refurbishment.
2. Ransley J. and Ingram H. – Developing Hospitality Properties and Facilities.
3. Stipanuk David M. – Hospitality facilities Management & Design.
4. Mill R.C – Resorts Management & Operation.
5. Quentin Pickard RIBA – The Architects’ Handbook.
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