Physical Resources

Topics: Magnetic resonance imaging, X-ray, Radiology Pages: 8 (1559 words) Published: January 9, 2011

In our assignment we choose Bahrain specialist hospital to describe his physical resources . In this hospital there are different kind of department and we choose one of these department which is x-ray department to describe and explain there of his physical resources.

Task 1:

The physical resources that we choose are:

(1) Building and facilities:

Building is the place used by a business for its operation. building plays an important role in the image of a business . so the Bahrain specialist hospital geometric shape of the building suggests psychological comfortable for the patent there are signs on the road that indicate the location and accessibility to reach it.

We can make potential customers want to work with the business even more. The building and its appearance largely affects the success of a business.

Facilities are essential for the operation of any business. facilities can be anything from the provision of buildings and equipment to services that are offered for staff to support them at work or places for customers to access .

The facilities:


2-Conference room

3- Prayer hall

4-Toilet and washing

5- Restaurant and coffee shop: The main restaurant offers a variety of hot meals, salads and snacks, including cooked breakfasts in the morning . A coffee bar within the restaurant area sells hot drinks, sandwiches and cakes.

6- Pay phones are provided in most word areas.

There are further public telephones located around the hospital:


* Emergency department waiting area.

* Maternity department main

Risk of building and facilities & how to reduce the risk:

If the building very small and has no place for customer also if there no sings on road to indicate the location so it will be not accessible to reach it This will attract the business because there will be no customer and the business will get low profit.

To reduce this risk the building must be big and comfortable to the customers and there should be sings on the road to indicate the location and accessibility to reach it. Also the hospital should have large and big park to accommodate large number at customer and all facilities should be quality and comfortable to the patients.

(2) Plant and Machinery:

Plant is a set of machinery erected for doing operation plant and machinery is especially important for performance of business needs to spent lot of money to acquire plant and machinery .

The plant and machinery for example in the Radiology department are:

1- MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)



Risk of plant and machinery and how to reduce the risk:

X-rays are a wonderful addition to the world of medicine , they let doctors peer inside a patient without any surgery at all . It’s much easier and safer. But X-ray effect only pregnant women and unborn children.

To reduce this risk we should ask women who want to do X-ray if they pregnant or not.

(3) Equipment:

Equipment essential for a business in order for employees to be able to carry out their daily duties. Equipment are the tools, which helps a business to operate smoothly .

The equipment in this department is:

1- Wheel chair.

2- Beds & mattress.

3- Furniture.

4- Drawer filing cabinet.

5- Ambulance.

Risk of equipment and how to reduce the risk:

The equipment if aren’t quality and did not change and check it periodically will affect the business , so they should buy and use high quality equipment and use it in the right way. For example the drawer filing cabined we should put on it a lock...
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