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Features & Benefits of SBI Home Loan
• Purchase/ Construction of House/ Flat.
• Purchase of a plot of land for construction of House.
• Lowest Home Loan Interest Rates.
• Extension/ repair/ renovation/ alteration of an existing House/ Flat. • Takeover of an existing loan from other Banks/ Housing Finance Companies. • Interest charged on the daily reducing balance

• No penalty on prepayments of home loan
• No hidden costs
• Option to club income of your spouse and children to compute eligible loan amount Current Floating Home Loan Interest Rates of SBI Bank Name| Up to 30 Lacs| From 30 lacs to 75 Lacs| Above 75 lacs | SBI | 10% p.a. | 10.15% p.a.| 10.15% p.a.|

| -------------------------------------------------
Top of Form |
 | |
Bottom of Form|

Eligibility Criteria & Documentation required for SBI Home Loan |

 | Salaried| Self employed|
Age| 21years to 60years| 21years to 70years|
Income| Rs.1,20,000 (p.a.)| Rs.2,00,000 (p.a.)|
Loan Amount Offered| 5,00,000 - 1,00,00000| 5,00,000 - 2,00,00000| Tenure| 5years-20years| 5years-20years|
Current Experience | 2years| 3years|
Documentation| 1) Application form with photograph
2) Identity & residence proof
3) Last 3 months salary slip
4) Form 16
5) Last 6 months bank salaried credit statements
6) Processing fee cheque| 1) Application form with photograph 2) Identity & residence proof
3) Education qualifications certificate & proof of business existence 4) Business profile,
5) Last 3 years profit/loss & balance sheet
6) Last 6 months bank statements
7) Processing fee cheque|

SBI Education Loans: SBI offers education loan for eligible courses, graduation courses, PG courses, Professional courses and other courses approved by UGC/ Government/ AICTE etc. Interest Rates, Documents required, Expenses considered for loan and repayments options of education loan. A term loan granted to Indian Nationals for...
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