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All elements of a good hiring profile are important. The real value is the resulting lists of competencies the employee must possess in order to perform this job successfully.

Competencies can include Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and other attributes such as behavioral and personality traits.

In the Bitstream Case, Jim Sole (President) is going to make a High Impact Decision by hiring the person who will spearhead the network print project, and who will have the potential to build a $100 million dollar business around this opportunity. To provide him with a better idea about candidates ‘ backgrounds and experiences, he has hired Peter Dromeshauser, an executive recruiter. High impact hiring decisions are normally affiliated with executive and management level jobs, have a large budget responsibility and the costs of mistakes is high. A medium sized organization such as Bitstream, a $30-million company with a high growth potential can be incredibly sensitive to poor hiring decisions.

Key elements that the successful candidate should possess for this job, include:

1. Must have experience with the network product market and understand the value added reseller (VAR) channel. Be able to recruit VARS in a selective manner and use them to increase sales. 2. Personal goals and desires must match the job goals. Having the right attitude, aptitude, intellectual curiosity, enthusiasm and drive to lead really helps. Someone who enjoys challenges, job diversity and flexibility. 3. Works to satisfy customer wants.

4. Able to oversee the tail end of the development process, making sure product finalization is in line with demand and customer satisfaction. Leverage the resources developed this far by Bitstream to make a solid product. 5. A team player who can build his sales and marketing team successfully and works well with all levels of the organization. 6. A decision maker who...
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