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Topics: Afterlife, Life, Death Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: April 24, 2015
LLU believes deeply in integrating spiritual values into the education. As a result, religion courses and chapel attendance are part of the curriculum. Tell us why you believe such a faith based education would be of special benefit to you?

I believe a faith based education is essential. It brings a sense of community, trust, belief and devotion. Faith based education is​
established ​
on the principle of; the more knowledge and wisdom a
person gains the more solid his or her faith becomes. These institutions are not solely academic based, but also provides the student with all the tools necessary for a well rounded disciplined life structure.

Mission work and giving back to the community are vital parts of my belief. I have always been fortunate with a loving family, friends, opportunity to an education, and a job, however others might not be as fortunate as I have. Through my temple, which i was associated with, I had the privilege to visit India as a missionary. We taught children the basic importance of education, first aid, supplied them with materials, and ​

helped out​
in several of the temples. The areas we visited
consisted mainly of impoverished, underprivileged communities and temples. Through the temples, I had the honor to visit the cremation section by the Ganges. Because this specific section of the Ganges is considered one of the most holy places, no photography of any sort or conversation is allowed. As with any ceremony, such as birthdays, weddings or anniversary, death is also celebrated. It’s celebrated with rituals, tears and respecting their life, yet honoring their death. As humans, we always seem to be afraid of something we have no knowledge of; death seems to be the subject we are so afraid of. In Varanasi, I was explained their meaning of death, reincarnation, soul and afterlife. Becoming aware and optimistic regarding death is the first step in becoming knowledgeable of an inexperienced ​

One doesn’t need to...
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