Living in Small Town

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Isa Tran
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Small town
Do you sometimes feel tired of all the noise, the pollution and traffic in a big city? Just imagine you are in a middle of a small town with the fresh air, and you can even hear the sounds of birds. That is how life in a small town likes. It is simple and peaceful, moreover, it’s really good for your health, and also a great place for vacation. Some people love to live in a small town for only one reason: it is simple and peaceful. People who live in a small town don not need all the modern machines for entertainment. They prefer talking to their neighbor than sitting in the living room and watching TV. It also reminds me about a small town near Canada that I have visited three month ago. There is a lovely coffee shop in that town. The interesting thing was when I went to that shop, I saw a lot of people sitting there and chatting with their friends. Some parents took their kids there to play with another. You can rarely see that picture in a big city. The air in a small town is just perfect for your health, especially for old people. It is not polluted like in a big city. The air is absolutely fresh because there are not many factories there. Everyday people in a big city go to work and get stuck in traffic jams. It is really stressful if you have to face with all the noise and dirt every single day. That situation never happens in a small town. You can walk around, enjoy songs of birds, and relax without hearing any annoying noise. Finally, a short vacation to a small town is a great idea. If you want to escape from all the noise, or even your work, you should come to a small town. There are lots of fun things to do in a small town. Small towns in my country are wonderful. I always want to go there because I can go fishing with my friends, swim in clean rivers, or catch rats. That are all of things that I can never do in a big city. Furthermore, a small town is so natural. It is going to be a good...
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