The Difference Between My Home Town And

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The difference between my home town and Ilford

I like living in Ilford. It is very interesting and attractive place with many opportunities for relaxing and hanging out with friends. There are many small shops, groceries, when I can buy some vegetables from all over the world. There are two big bakeries with various kinds of bread and cakes. There are a few restaurants; Asian, Chinese and Italian, where I sometimes go at weekends. There are five cafes, for example The Costa Cafe with delicious coffee from Italy- my favourite is cappuccino. There is a big shopping mall-“The Exchange”, which includes: the shops, where I can buy clothing from many brands, the bookstore, the dentist, the beauty salons and the post. In my shopping mall is everything what people need to living. There are three local supermarkets: Lidl, Tesco and Sainsbury, where I usually buy some food. If you like an art, you can visit the local museum or go to the theatre, which is called “Kenneth More Theatre”. If you like watching movies you can go to the cinema with your family or the library, where you can borrow an interesting film on the compact disc. In Ilford there is a one fitness club, where I go playing badminton or dancing aerobic. So we have got a beautiful park, it is the Valentines Park, where people do many activities or spend time relaxing on the lake. If you are children there are very good schools for education. We have the train station, where from you can go to the city of London. I loved my home town, where I was born, but is smaller and quieter than llford. We don’t have many restaurants or pubs, so people go outside to the bigger city if they are spend time with friends. Both cities have got the cinema, the library, where children and adults borrow books, but inside there aren’t any activities for them. There are a few schools, two high and one college, but there isn’t any university. Pupils must study in another city and live in the boarding-houses. Sometimes it is...
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