Living Digitally: Embodiment in Virtual Worlds

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Living Digitally

The world around us is surrounded with technology. Humans cannot live their lives without the necessary need for technology. Kids used to play with blocks and toys but not that their entertainment has transformed into ipods, tablets, video games, and TV. Technology is the new desire for kids to have and is a new revolution in the world. Now kids even are required to use technology for education. This is going to be the biggest change to the way we live making education transfer from books to screens. One day we will have laptops, tv’s, tablets and tons of more technological benefits that will make take education to a new world. Just imagine having robots as teachers and never touching a pencil in your life. This is the way the world will someday be and how living digitally could effect the way we live. @ Home

I inserted an optical disk that has digital photos into my computer and my computer did not read it. The first step i would do to find out what is wrong is check if my computer supports that type of disk.if it says so that it does i would then check the disk for damages or if it is dirty and clean the disk if it has any dust or smudges. if still will not work i would try inserting it into another computer and see if it will read the disk. Finally i will try getting a new disk.

@ Work

After a power outage and my computer my computer won’t turn on from pressing the power button. The first step I would do to figure this out would be to check the outlet to make sure it is still plugged in. After that i would check the wires for any damages. If no damages then i would try unplugging the power cable from the computer and plugging it back in. If that still does not do anything i would try using a different outlet because a cable in the outlet might of been blown and not working. If it is still not working then i would call for technical support.
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