Little Big Horn Battle Analysis

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 4 (803 words) Published: January 28, 2016

A battle that had a remarkable impact to the Indians was the battle of Little Big Horn. This battle was between Seventh Cavalry and sitting Bull’s band of hostile Sioux. The name for this battle originates because it occurred on the little Big Horn river. The reason for this battle was because during that time period there was a lot of racism against the Indian and the Cavalry wanted to kill them all. There are many points of view that tell and explain what happened in the battle one which was U.S Major Reno. There is also Lakota Chief Red horse who was an eye witness of everything that occurred. Between U.S Major Reno and Lakota Chief Red Horse they both had similarities and differences in the claims that they make as they tell the war from their points of view.
Major Reno and Lakota had many similar claims throughout their recount on the battle. The first similarity that they both focus on few times in their writing is the miscommunication between the Cavalry army. Major Reno throughout his writing seems to never know where the other groups are and many times he assumes things and does not know what to...

Since they split up into the three groups they forgot the most important part would be communication. Their miscommunication was very obvious to the Sioux because in Lakota’s article he says “had the soldiers not divided I think they would have killed many Sioux.” (Lakota 2) This was a benefit or advantage for the Sioux because there were many of them and they had less of a challenge killing the Cavalry. Another similarity that both Major Reno and Lakota both claim is the importance of Custer. Custer...
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