Literature Review on Strategic Communcation

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(Lit Review)
Several studies have shown the importance of strategic communication in an organization. According to “The Strategic Communication Plan,” written by Chris Hoover, “Strategic communication entails packaging a core message that reflects an agency’s overall strategy, values, purpose, and mission to persuade key stakeholders and enhance positioning.” Strategic communication is a process that involves much more than merely communicating with a co-worker. There are several steps in implementing strategic communication within an organization. The steps to obtaining successful strategic communication include: implementing a rational statement, conducting a situational analysis and the components it consists of, implementing goals and objectives, and identifying key stakeholders in addition to modifying messages accordingly.

The way messages in an organization are communicated effectively, is not as easy as many people might think it would be. Mr. Hoover explains “In a complex world, leaders cannot simply create a policy, push it down the chain of command, and expect it to automatically come to fruition.” This is why taking the correct steps to implement strategic communication is so important. The first step is implementing the rational statement, which highlights the organizations communication weaknesses and “should underscore this sense of here-but-not-yet tension.” (Hoover) The second step is to focus on the situational analysis. This section “concentrates on determining where the organization is today and where it wants to go.” (Hoover) The analysis includes having clear visions, core values, and an envisioned future. The third step in implementing a precise strategic communication plan is to set goals and objectives. “Strategic communication goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time bound, and each should be summarized in two or three concise sentences.” (Hoover) The fourth and final step in implementing a useful strategic...

Bibliography: Hoover, Chris. "The Strategic Communication Plan." (2010): 16-22.
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