literature review change management

Topics: Change management, Management, Change impact analysis Pages: 2 (885 words) Published: November 15, 2014
Leading People through Change
“Change is inevitable and necessary to succeed” Quiros (2014). With this truth in mind we must enhance our skills to lead people through various aspects of change. The purpose of this literature review is to identify commonalities across several articles their assumptions on the importance of change inclusive of my personal views. We will review two elements and the hindrances they present in the successful implementation of change within an organization. The two obstacles will be human adaptability and leadership strategy to progress the change. In a study by Michael Stanleigh (2013) a group of top executives were surveyed and it was identified that one of the main reasons for change failure was people. I found this concept open to interpretation as it may be argued that failure to change through people could be due to the lack of change acceptance by the followers or poor implementation by leaders. We may further reason that the pendant may swing in either direction however; leaders will have the more accountability and suffer greater consequences if change fails. This was apparent in the case study as expressed by Pye (2005); the CEO’s employment was at risk due to his failure to implement change effectively during the first attempt. During a recent change initiative within my organization called the Blue Print for Small Business a similar challenge has arisen resulting in the lack of buy-in by all stakeholders. This has resulted in poor performance and a reduction of the portfolio, improvement is critical at this stage. Due to such an impact on revenue growth and team performance efforts must be focused on understanding the disposition of followers in order to avoid further pitfalls within the change management process. Leaders must be aware of the human aspect of change at various stages of the process Quiros (2014). It is essential that people are provided with opportunities to transition from the past and embrace...
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