Literature in My Eyes

Topics: Barbed wire, Fiction, Literature Pages: 3 (725 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Bianca Camille Casares
February 20, 2012
Phase 1 Discussion Board 2

Part A:
Literature can mean a variety of things to many different people. To me, the definition of literature is undefined. When looking up the term "literature", you may find that most answers are vague and are always changing. To me, literature doesn't mean anything that's written down but may contain short/long stories read from books, or some types of information written by someone. Literature has not always appealed to me especially where it was mainly taught in grade school, but I feel like I am in a different course of my life now and I would like to see it in a different light. 2.

Literature is beneficial in many ways. It helps us humans understand how things work. You are able to experience other's feelings of emotions and expressions through different points of view. By reading literature you can gain insight on different types of scripture by many different people of different cultures. You learn information that you may have never known. As a professional, reading literature will help you to become a well-rounded individual.

Slow Love-The simple pleasures and humor found in everyday life. The book portrays aspects of life that we can all relate to. The author has a personal way of addressing the reader and connecting you with the characters. Go Ask Alice- I liked that the author made me feel connected the story. It grabbed my attention and kept me drawn in until the book was over. Goosebumps- I enjoy reading Goosebumps from time to time because I love the fictional stories. They take me back to childhood and make me a little escape from the world.

One of my values is honesty; honesty keeps me true to others and most important true to myself. Family is another value, because no matter where I go or what I do, or what changes, my family will always be there for me. Another value that I hold dear to me is health. I take a lot of pride in...
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