What Makes Literature Good?

Topics: Psychology, Emotion, The Glass Menagerie Pages: 1 (325 words) Published: August 25, 2013
What Makes Literature Good?
Good literature is when it makes you think and feel. It opens your eyes to something new, or brings vivid images of another time and place to mind. Mostly, however, I'd say good literature is something that endures through time. When something was written a hundred years ago and is still read and enjoyed, that is good literature. Good literature helps to make connections between the story and the world around me. Good literature uses words in interesting and unusual ways. It allows the reader to visualize the story being portrayed. Good literature will make you feel as though you had dined at a five star restaurant, instead of at McDonald's. Good literature delves into characters and reveals much about them.  Motivations, passions, psychological forces, are but a few of these elements.  The best of literature will explore characters to their maximum capacity. Honestly, I cannot name a book, song, movie etc. that is the best or my all-time favorite. I have so many that I cannot choose just one. For me, I love literature with life meaning and life experience whether it was 100 years ago or today. I like to have some sort of emotional attachment whether I am reading, listening to music, or going to a museum to see the latest art piece. If I can relate to it with experience, emotion, etc. I will enjoy it. For me, the worst literature is something that is hard to read or music that repulses me. I cannot think of a book that I have read that I did not like except in high school when I had to read The Glass Menagerie. To be completely honest, however, I did not put much effort into reading this work either. Honestly, I cannot make an opinion about something when I did not put any effort into it. I have a lot of learning to do in this subject area.
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