Literary Semiotics

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Literary Semiotics

Quite often the terms semiotics and semiology are equal, so that often instead semiotics use semiology and vice versa. Ferdinand de Saussure speaks of the sign and the first makes the distinction between semiotics and semiology. Semiotics is the general theory of signs. Semiology study the functioning of the sign in the social practice. Today avoids this distinction and semiotics equate with semiology, ie, they are synonyms. GENERAL Semiotics: The sign does not exist only in language and literature, but in the film we have and tone as a sign, signs of the folk tradition (clouds as signs, etc..). The sign is a general phenomenon that exists in all forms of human communication. With the help of the sign announce something. The sign communication across borders меѓучовечкото communion. It is believed that she sign communication has with animals, plants etc.. Within the general linguistic information and communication there is the literary form of communication between author and reader, between the work and the reader etc.. Semiotics is shared:

First Semantics - which focuses on the relationship between sign and signified; Second Pragmatics - is a discipline that focuses on the relationship between the sign and the reader; Third Syntax, syntax - is a discipline that focuses on the relationship between signs, eg.: Texts as signs books as characters.

Semiotics makes several typologies and distinguishes several types of sign systems: First PRIRODOJAZICHNI SYSTEMS - define them as first-and include natural languages, ie national languages ​​(English, French, etc.).. These are the languages ​​that are characterized by a specific practice use. In these systems each character is in relation to an object (reference) from the reality. Not all characters are specified, does not always mean only objects that exist, which are in reality, but there are also abstract, metaphysical signs that signify something that is not tangible, but still exists in our consciousness. Second Artificial sign systems - Artificial signs we have in mathematics, science and so on. These signs are called artificial, because they agreed. These include road signs, sign language of the deaf, blind etc..

=> Structure is a way of organizing systems. System and structure are inseparable.

Third Secondary, secondary sign systems - usually build on existing linguistic systems and does not always refer to things that exist in nature. Literature uses natural language to translate literary, coding, etc. All secondary languages ​​have pre-need of natural language and together constitute some already performed sign systems, such as. Literature. Secondary sign system eg. Myth - iconic, pictorial system. 4th Mixed HIBRIDIZIRANI SIGNS - eg. Essay which combines prirodojazichen system and a secondary sign system and pictorial system. 5th METAJAZICI - Metajazichni systems, metalanguage thoughts when one language describes another kind of language that is already built, eg. Theory of literature has described the literary language. There are meta-meta languages, such as literary criticism, literary methodology etc..

Semiotics distinguished: linguistic and nejazichni signs, verbal and non-verbal. Semiotics distinguishes several types of signs: First -Symbols - symbols are all coded signs and they denotativni. These signs have a high degree of codification and konvencionalnost. In these signs the relationship between the sign and the signified is kodiviciran. Second Sign-image - in these signs the relationship between sign and signified is vividly. Iconic signs konotivni signs. The model has features of artistic creation. Third Sign-INDEX - among them the relationship between sign and signified is causal. These signs are generally semiotic. Example: Where there is smoke there is fire. Among them there is a logical connection that occurs as a result of long-term perception. Eg. before an earthquake occurs, animals are disturbed, I felt mean. Also,...
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