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Topics: Huntington's disease, Genetics, Nancy Wexler Pages: 2 (676 words) Published: February 6, 2012
Debra Crawford

Predictive Probes Summary
Nancy Wexler’s Mother died of Huntington’s disease it is hereditary, fatal, and happens in midlife. Ms. Wexler is a 38 year old woman and is the president of the Hereditary Disease Foundation. She is not sure of her own fate in life, because she doesn’t know whether she has inherited the same deadly gene that killed her mother. The uncertainty could be solved by a test to see if she has inherited the deadly gene. Nancy is in a dilemma within herself whether she wants to have the test done to find out if she has the gene. She is not sure if she wants to know the outcome of the test because it could show that she is going to die. The test to detect the Huntington’s disease will be ready in two years. The researchers have already come up with test that can detect the genes of premature heart attacks. The researchers hope in the future that they will have the test to detect many other genes that cause diseases such as colon and breast cancers. The researchers are in hopes eventually they will be able to detect genes that cause depression, diabetes, Alzheimer disease, schizophrenia and many more. Identify three ways the author uses evidence to support assertion: 1.Huntington Disease is hereditary and fatal.

2. Nancy is not sure if see wants to know if she inherited the gene. 3.Her Mother died of Huntington’s in mid-age of the fatal disease. Identify the places where evidence is employed as well as how the author uses this evidence For example, as the reason, the support for the reason, or as dependent on the issue/context. 1.Is the support for the reason

2.As a dependent on the issue/context a reason
Analyze how the author signals this usage through elements such as word choices, transitions, or logical connections. The author uses elements such as transitions to get their point across to the reader. The author uses word choices to make the reader understand how the...
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