Literary Reflection

Topics: Fiction, Black people, Short story Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Literary Reflection
Alicia Gallegos
ENG 125
Lindsay Brand
April 08, 2013

Literary Reflection
In reading Alice Walker’s “The Welcome Table”, I have found a profound interest in the content and context of the short story. This particular story has great depth and imaginary depictions that allows the reader to invest them to the message of the story. In this literary work I find it best to approach the critical thinking in a personal view point. Allowing the reader to get involved in the story from the first sentence Walker puts forth a strong reader concept to be analyzed.

As Walker opens the story, she allows the fellow reader to imagine this old black woman in her Sunday worshiping clothes. With the detailed description of what the women is wearing and how she looks; I as the reader am able to get a picture of this women in my head. The tone of this particular story is set to be calm inspiring that slowly twists to be a racial tone. As the story continues on we can see that this old lady has not much sense left that she is in the wrong place but if this part of the story were not to be portrayed in this manner then the scheme of it would be lost.

As my personal interests get more involved in the story I find myself getting intergraded more as the line begins “Still she had come down the road toward the big white church alone,” (Clugston, 2010) because this show how determined this old lady was to spend her day with the Lord. A strong emotion of strength comes across in the story at this which can be portrayed as a simple way of never giving up. I can personally connect to this old woman in the story for at one time I have been in the wrong church and was asked to remove myself along with the people who were with me. This is a very deterring feeling to have to leave a place of worship.

Allowing myself to have this personal connection I am able to receive more from the story. When the gets down to the point of the men in the white church removing...

References: Clugston, R. W., (2010). Journey Into Literature. Bridgepoint Education. Retrieved from
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