Literary Analysis

Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: April 2, 2013
In the story of “The Shinning Houses” the character Mrs. Fullerton had the great impact on how does the society goes. The community she live were changed and made it to more modern and the new neighbors in the community wanted Mrs. Fullerton’s house to be demolished. Throughout the story of “The Painted Door” Anne is the character that is always lonely and bored. She always wants to be beside her husband especially at the time when there were a snowstorm coming.

Mrs. Fullerton’s who has an old lifestyle is not acceptable to the new neighbor who has new modern houses. Her neighbors wanted her house to be separated from the new community or demolished her house because it’s old, stinky and it doesn’t look good for the community. She never wanted to leave the place because all the memories she had is in that place and she grows up in there. She knows that for the rest of her life she wanted to be buried in the place where her house is. Mrs. Fullerton is an old woman who is also stubborn and has lots of boundaries in life. She never cares for her community because she knows that the community wanting her to move to another place. New neighbor cares on how should the community should look like, they want to see the place modern and new, they don’t want to see an old farm house. That’s why Mrs. Fullertons is affected so much by this complains and hates about her place.

The story of “The Painted Door” Anne who is the character in the story was affected the most because of the mood and the setting made. There were a snowstorm coming and she wanted her husband to stay to their house but her husband named John has lots of responsibilities and he refuse to stay. He still left Anne and go to the farm to help his father prepare for the snow storm coming. Anne felt lonely and bored then John’s best friend Steven came over to their house. Then they tempted to make love with each other. Late night John came home and caught Anne slipping beside Steven. The mood and...
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