Literary Output of Filipinos are not Book Lovers

Topics: Literature, Publishing, Philippines Pages: 3 (369 words) Published: February 9, 2014
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Literature Paper
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English IV-World Literature

Mr. Ronald C. Mina
Literary Piece
Filipinos Are Not Book Lovers
Arlene Babst-Vokey
Thesis Statement
Philippines is a nation of nonreaders.
Reference (Publishing House)
Phoenix Publishing House
Literary Output #1

Introduction: Reading is an important study skill and an
important tool for becoming a good person but Philippines is actually not a nation of book lovers unlike in Japan. In Japan, most bookshops seemed to be the most popular feature of practically every street block.

Body: Reading a book is becoming an unpopular activity
among Filipinos right now unlike before. The problem is Filipino writers are mostly not appreciated by us. We don’t even talked about them in our conversations. Compared to London’s Virginia Woolf, one of the most Popular author/writer, almost all of her works were sold out in every bookstore in London. And in some instances, her works were one of the best sellers ang being talked about in London. Here in the Philippines, you can count those Filipinos that will go to store just to buy a book and enjoy being alone reading a book. Filipinos hate solitudes. Reading a book requires patience, time and even endurance in order to

understand every chapter and it will really take a lot of time finishing it . Unlike in watching a movie, it can be done for only an...
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