Literary Elements Movie Analysis

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Literary Elements Book/Movie Analysis 

Have you ever thought why most of us are interested in the stories we read or the movies we watch, the characters, the action, the suspense and the love stories?  The writer has to think of how the story must be told, what effect it must it have on a reader or movie-goer, and what is the best way to present his/her ideas.  To get the reader's attention, literary elements, the techniques or kinds of writing, are used by authors/screenwriters. The proper use of those elements enables the author to keep us interested while reading a story or a writer to enjoy a movie. Literary elements, such as setting, characters, point of view, conflict and the included dialogue, are all relevant to stories, establishing their plot, mood, and theme.

For your assignment you will choose a favorite book or movie that is appropriate for school.  You will be identifying some of the literary elements that we have been learning in reading class.  You will also analyze and explain the elements as I did for you in class for "The Color Purple" (TCP)

You will identify the the following: I will give you examples from the project I modeled in class:


Scene: Time and place the story takes place.

Point of View: Through whose eyes is the story being told? Celie speaks in the first person through a series of private letters she writes to God and her sister Nettie. We see and hear the story through Celie's eyes.  

Characters: Protagonist and Antagonist

Exposition or Beginning: Like you, all of the characters in a story have a history, details about their pasts that are important to understanding their personality and their present lives. It is important that readers know some of these details in order to understand a story. This is call the exposition. It is the backround information on the characters and setting explained at the beginning of the story.  For example, when I modeled my presentation in class regarding...
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