Literacy in Dance Syllabus

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Literacy has a social and functional purpose in the education of students. This is particularly evident in the PDHPE and Dance curricula, as students explore the demands of literacy in relevant physical and intellectual contexts. The NSW Dance 7-10 syllabus has several major literacy requirements evident in the content areas, and specific outcomes. Performance

Students develop knowledge, understanding and skills through the three content areas of performance, composition and appreciation. Although the area of dance performance devotes a large amount of time to practical dance technique training, there are topics that require the students to read, write, listen, reflect and articulate information. For example, in order to understand safe dance practice, students would need to read about the skeletal and muscular systems before applying the information in practical exercises. Outcome 4.1.1 A student demonstrates and understanding of safe dance practice and appropriate dance technique in the performance of combinations, sequences and dances requires students to use appropriate dance terminology when describing dance technique and safe dance practice As a requirement of outcome 4.1.2 A student demonstrates aspects of the elements of dance in dance performance, students learn to identify and describe the use of the elements of space, time and dynamics in combinations of movement. The activities of identification and description serve functional purposes throughout life, whatever the chosen career path. Composition

Students engage in problem-solving tasks in order to generate original movement 4.2.2 A students composes dance movement, using the elements of dance, that communicates ideas-Students learn to: explore, discuss, reflect, analyse and refine movement sequences

The very objective of the practice of appreciation provides opportunities for students to observe and describe dance, and communicate their ideas using appropriate dance terminology...
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