Dance in Australian Society

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Dance is used as an effective way of expressing ideas or telling a story while allowing the dancers to express emotions in a performance setting. Dance is a fascinating form of art, with thousands of dance productions that are shown annually worldwide from various schools and locations. It is continuously broadcasted and featured throughout the media, giving it a broad variety of audience. With its growing popularity, it is a very effective way to express opinions and make a social comment in contemporary Australian society.

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to publicising information quickly and adequately to a substantial group of audience. There are a several number of dance productions that have been broadcasted and shared on the media, gaining both public attention and awareness, reaching the vast majority of people. Dance Moms is an American TV show which features a group of 7 dancers who travel week to week to compete in dance competitions all over America. It has quickly risen to fame, reaching over 2 million views world wide and is quickly becoming one of the most watched shows in several countries. On the 4th episode of the second season, the group performs a piece entitled, “No One Likes a Bully” which highlights the effects of bullying. The piece is considered potent as it raises awareness on bullying, a serious conflict throughout the world.Similar to this, a high school located in Darwin was featured in a segment on the ABC News for one of their school productions, ‘Brave’ - a powerful student dance production that tackles bullying. The segment, headlined as ‘Anti Bullying Dance Production Packs a Punch’, was broadcasted throughout the nation on March 2013. According to the ABC News website, the performance served as an encouragement for young people to take responsibility for their actions and think twice before following a crowd. The topic of refugees is also a serious yet understated conflict...
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