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Topics: Shanghai, Yangtze River Delta, Nanjing Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: September 4, 2013
Lion Nathan, having invested over US$200 million in China, is already among the largest beer investors in the country and the most aggressive brewer in the Yangtze River Delta. The completion of the Suzhou brewery is a significant milestone for Lion Nathan and sees the realisation of our plans to establish a wholly-owned brewery in the critical growth region of the Yangtze Delta. Lion Nathan's vision is to become the biggest and best brewing company in the Yangtze River Delta by the year 2000. Over the next two years the company will be building on the platform already established in the region's five key cities. About the Brewery

The Suzhou Brewery is wholly owned by Lion Nathan, making it one of a kind in China. It is the company's major Chinese asset. It is the largest, most modern brewery in the Yangtze Delta, and the second largest brewery in the Lion Nathan Group. With a 300 million litre capacity, it is larger than the whole of Lion Nathan's New Zealand brewing operation, and has the potential to expand to 600 million litres at a later date. The Suzhou Brewery supplies beer for the Shanghai and Suzhou market. Lion Nathan has 6 regional sales offices in the YRD and employs 400 sales and merchandising staff. Lion Nathan has also established an office in Shanghai to manage the growth of its Chinese brewing operations 1998

Lion Nathan extends its business in China with the completion of the Suzhou Brewery and Rheineck launched in other Chinese cities of the Yangtze Delta Region. 1997
The head office of Lion Nathan's China operations is moved from Hong Kong to Shanghai, demonstrating Lion Nathan's commitment to the Yangtze Delta Region. Rheineck is launched with great success - within 6 months it has become a 10% brand in Shanghai. 1995

Lion Nathan buys its first brewery in China, acquiring a 60% stake in the Taihushui Brewery at Wuxi. Lion Nathan's ownership was later increased to 80% at a total cost of US$43million. Lion Nathan Beer and beverage (Suzhou)...
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