Lion King Paper

Topics: The Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa, The Animals Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Federico Crespo
Jose Diaz de Villegas
Santiago Echeverri
Christian Robbs
Yianni Sarris

Composition II
15 February 2012

Lion King 4D

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is in desperate need of a new; inspiring safari ride that gives riders an experience of what it feels like to be on an African safari. Our addition known as Lion King 4D will be a ride, similar to a rollercoaster on six-foot elephant looking boxcars. Lion King 4D will be built in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Africa Park near the Safari area, which is located at the top, left of Animal Kingdom’s map. This ride will take Disney’s customers on a safari adventure through an artificial Africa to fully experience a Lion King atmosphere.

Waiting in line, customers will be able to pick up 3D glasses, and get a sense of the ride by watching Lion King in 3D on our 100 X 85 foot projection screen. As customer’s progress in line being misted by our new and improved misting fan system, there will be vending machines, where customers are able to purchase beverages and small snacks. In addition, they will be able to purchase animal snacks from the Boda Boda Hut to feed the animals throughout their wild adventure. Once they are seated and buckled in their boxcar, a speaker system, which is placed in every boxcar, will inform customers of safety regulations in the customer’s preferred language. The designers of this ride will be told to build an ecologic wooden roller coaster in 15 months for its grand opening on May 10, 2013. All the wood used in order to build this ride will be from Braulio Carrillo’s rainforest in Costa Rica. We have come to an agreement with the rainforest’s administration that we would plant two trees for every tree we chopped down as a good deed. As the boxcar takes off, the Lion King theme song begins to play. The boxcar will slowly begin going up a mountain where customers will be able to see the entire Lion King Safari. After that, the boxcar will fly down the hill at a speed of 45...
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