Lion and Giraffes

Topics: Lion, Giraffe, Mammal Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: April 11, 2013
GIRAFFE What’s tall, yellow, and has brown spots and a long neck? A giraffe! This fascinating animal has a lot of interesting facts to learn about that you wouldn’t imagine. For instance, did you know that a giraffes tongue is 18 inches long? As you can see giraffes are going to be a bundle of fun to learn about. Giraffes live on grasslands in Africa with trees surrounding them. Other animals such as lions, zebra’s rhinos, and elephants live in the same biome. They live together in herds and it is common for a giraffe to leave one herd and go to another. These mammals have a very unique pattern. No two giraffes are the same in any way. Their pattern is as distinctive as your fingerprint and stays with the giraffe throughout its life. Males grow to be 18 feet tall and females are known as cows and grow to be 15 feet tall. Males and females have quite a difference in their weight. Females weigh up to 2,600 pounds while males weigh up to 4,255 pounds and are known as bulls. They are yellow from the outside and have brown spots or markings. Males can fight predators with their long necks and strong legs. They stand up most of the time and even sleep standing up because it’s easier for them to spot predators. If a predator is close they can run away. Giraffes also camouflage with the land around it so it is harder for predators to spot. Their tall necks help them reach the high trees to eat from. When they are surrounded by other giraffes and feel safe they will lay down. These African mammals don’t have to hunt for food or anything like that they love to eat leaves, twigs, bark, and vines. They eat leaves that grow at the level of their head. The young giraffes have no trouble finding food since there is trees all around the plains. Both males and females have different ways of eating. Males like to stretch their necks as high as...
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