Line Manager Play Crucial Role in the Link Between Hrm and Organisational Performance

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According to CIDP definition, line managers are a manager who are responsible for an employee or work to a higher level of management. Generally, their management responsibilities would include people management, monitoring work process and etc (CIPD, 2010). Clearly, it generally be said that line managers are closest to employees and customers and occupy a key role in the general management job of managing people.

Guest and Conway’s study (2004) showed that supervisory leadership was the strongest factor associated to organisation commitment. In other words the relationship between employees and FLMs is important in influencing the employee’s perspectives of the support received. Purcell et al (2007) suggest that the employee’s judgement of their FLM leadership behaviour was directed related, where positive, to higher levels of commitment and to better aspects of job experience. Indeed, Winkler said (ND) that if an employee feels supported by their line manager, they will feel engaged with and committed to their organisation. Consequently, this will improve attendance, reduce staff turnover and ensure that employees are willing to ‘go that extra mil’.

Furthermore, in the UK WERS (1998) notes that in the handling of employee relations issues, line managers outnumber employee relations specialists at British workplace. MacNeil (2003) reveals that line managers may play a role in capturing employee’s tacit knowledge, which may be able to be transferred in to specific organisational competencies. For example, Lazenby’s research found that line manager behaviour has a significant impact on employee commitment, which has an impact on customer commitment, which has an impact on business performance (cited Purcell, 2003). In addition, some workers mention line incapability in HR as a significant and specific fact contributing to explaining why they left their old jobs (Taylor, 2002). From these perspectives, it is clear to say that line manager play a vital role...
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