Lindsey Weightman Electoral Process Conservative

Topics: Elections, Plurality voting system, Voting system Pages: 4 (1062 words) Published: January 17, 2014
Lindsey Weightman Electoral Process Conservative
Liberal Democrats
British National Party
Green Party In groups, research the Political party you have selected: Local Election Follow a 4 year cycle. Not all councils vote at the same time. Councillors are elected 'by thirds' for a period of 4 years (One councillor being elected per year for 3 years, and no Local election in 4th year). Who can stand for election? 21 years of age or over. British, Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland Citizen. Must be nominated by at least 10 registered electors of that constituency. If representing a party, consent must be gained. If you are not representing a party, you are classed as 'Independent'. £500 deposit when registering, refundable if you receive 5% or more of the vote. A prisoner serving 12 months or more in custody can not stand for election.

Just for Local:
An individual can stand if they are a member of a European Union Nation Candidate Selection Process If standing as an Independent representative, there is no selection procedures. Existing MPs are usually approved to stand when being re-elected. Political parties generally have more representatives than seats. Political parties vigorously select potential candidates to improve their chances of winning. The selection process is similar to selection for the Uniformed Public Services. Sift of C.V, personal statement, application form and aptitude tests. Local interviews sometimes take place. Shortlists consisting of only women have been known to take place. What do you think about this? Period of an election Mayors typically keep their post for 1 year. Councillors up to 4 years. MP's up to 5 years.

After these periods, they must either stand down or be re-elected. Types of voting Polling office, usually a church hall, school or a community centre. 'First past the post'- an individual steps in to a booth and casts their vote anonymously by making an 'X' next to the candidate they wish to vote for. Postal...
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