Topics: Republican Party, Democratic-Republican Party, Red states and blue states Pages: 5 (1943 words) Published: October 28, 2014
A Web quest Go to HYPERLINK http// and click on take the test. Take the test to find out where you land on the political compass and plot it here My Political compass Economic Left/Right 0.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian 0.87 Q Do the results surprise you Why or why not A No, they do not surprise me, because I dont really know a lot about political issues, they dont really spark my interest. However I do feel that the people of this nation deserve fairness and equality. Q Who does it say your views are similar to A My views were very similar to an authoritarian Q You have decided you would like to run for the Missouri City Council. What are the steps you need to take (What application When is the election) A The Election is November 3, 2015 Research elected positions that are going to be vacant in the next elections such as mayor, city trustee or councilperson. Determine which position to run for and where one stands a good chance of winning. Know other candidates, as you will be running against them and maybe serving with them. Get endorsements from influential figures and other reputable local people as early as possible. Do some homework. Research the history of the city, its demographics, action of predecessors and current events. Be prepared for formal and informal interviews. Attend school board meetings and other meetings that discuss issues affecting the council. Before establishing a campaign platform, get information about the council by reading local dailies and talking to locals. Find out the issues that concern individuals within the locality. People running for council seats should understand that their lives will be on the limelight and understand the ramifications of such situations. They should discuss their decisions with family members because their lives will also be radically altered. Practice public speaking. Practice speaking in front of large and potentially hostile crowds. Ensure the wardrobe and grooming habits fit the slate of a public officer. If possible, hire a voice coach and PR consultant because candidates may be required to speak in front of cameras. The image portrayed should show professional competence. Hold a fund raising event to raise money needed in the campaign. Develop a thick skin. However, be open to constructive criticism. Pride and arrogance arent the best things to take to a campaign. Q You serve as a Missouri City Council member for a term. Now you would like to run for Governor of Texas. What are the steps you need to take (What application When is the election) A Getting on the Ballot Get the support of your political party Start a petition Create a write-in campaign if your name doesnt appear on the ballot Running a Campaign Hire a staff Finance your campaign Form a budget strategy Create a strategy for your campaign You have served several successful terms as the Governor of Texas. You now would like to run for U.S. President. What are the steps you need to take (What application Primaries Convention When is the Election) Develop your campaigns platform Ensure you meet the basic qualifications to serve as president of the United States. Set up your presidential exploratory committee. Register to become an official candidate File periodic reports on your campaigns federal spending to the FEC. Gain ballot access in the 50 states Prepare for debates You would like to become more active with your political party. Research at least one way (for each level) that you can get involved with your party at the local, state, and national levels. Local Participate in voting-place party meetings State Volunteer, support and vote for the values most important to you. National Give money to your favorite candidate First, identify three important contemporary issues. Then analyze the different points of view of the republicans, democrats, and one interest group...
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