Lifestyle in the Past and Now

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Lifestyle in the past and now

Each period of life has a different features. Past and now are a linked chain of events include many of developments in lifestyle. Past and now are complementary times to each other. Past lifestyle was completely different from nowadays in many things such as the residence, the transportations and the education. The residences style in the past varied according to the places such as In the deserts, the Bedouin used tents, because they always changed their place, so tents were easy to reinstall them when they reached another place. Bedouin's tents protected them in the rainy weather In terms of rain leaking, because they were made of woven goat hair. Other residences were made of clay and wood or Palm trunk. Old residences were not big and had not a lot of rooms. They were simple and characterized by beautiful geometric design. On the other hand the residences nowadays are totally different from old residences style. Nowadays, there are a lot of big villas. They are made of Cement and it have a strange designing but they are nice. Villas also characterized by large windows that overlooking to the backyard. Residences these days have many rooms such as Living Room, bed rooms, Dining Room, kitchen , Laundry room and the toilets. As well residences in this time allow things that were not allow in past like Air conditioning, heating and electric lighting. The modern transportations are the best inventions in history in my opinion, because they ended the difficulties that the people faced them in the past. Transportations were very hard in the past. People used the animals for traveling to the far places. The most common animal that they were used are the camels because they can bear the hot weather in the deserts. People in the past spent months and sometimes year to reached where they wanted. Also there was another way to travel which was travelling by Ships. Modern transportations in these days are...
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