Life Style Inventory (Lsi)

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Part I: Personal Thinking Styles

My primary thinking style is dependent. This style fell into the high range of the LSI Style Circumplex with a 96 percentile score. Dependent thinking style is originates in a need for security and self-protection: dependent people typically feel that they have very little control over their lives. This type of behavior may be long-standing, or due to temporary life changes such as a new job, a promotion, an illness, or the break-up of a close relationship. When dependent behavior occurs as a result of a temporary life change, the feelings of dependency tend to diminish as the particular situation is resolved. I feel that the result for dependent style is that the dependent person tend to feel helpless in one or more areas of life, and may believe that their effort makes little difference. They generally allow others to control too much of what they do, and tend to feel overwhelmed and threatened most of the time because they tends to view things in terms of how it affect them this will then leads to misinterpret other people action and be particularly vulnerable to mistreatment by others. To protect themselves, they will generally let others call the shots, and avoid threatening or challenging anyone. I agree to some extent that I am like this, because I am very sensitive to people’s feeling and their reaction; therefore, I tends to let them do things that they want to do and not argued, I usually go along with the crow and agreed to thing easily. I always put others before myself. I do not really rely on my own judgment most of the time because I always tend to doubt myself. I am always on high alert, I do not want to get hurt; therefore, this style of thinking prevent me from setting my own goals or being a risk taker. I am always stressing and depressed most of the time because feel useless. I always feel depending upon my husband for direction in life, even though it is my life. Everything I do in life, I do not believe that it count very much, feeling helpless and weak. I can not see “no” to anyone who need my help or need anything from me. I always do what is expected of me.

My back up thinking style is avoidance. This style also fell in the high range of the LSI style circumflex with a 94 percentile. The avoidance style is characterized self-doubting and self-blaming, feel overwhelmed by circumstances, recently experienced something traumatic or disappointing, preoccupied with own concerns, have difficulty establishing relationships, uncomfortable discussing feeling, having difficulty making decisions, lack initiative and have few strong interests. Which is all true of myself. I am very hard on myself, when I make a mistake, it is very difficult for me to forgive myself because I will always remember that mistake and fear to make the same mistake over again because I am scare of failure. I am always doubting myself. I agree with the result of this LSI style because avoidance style is what I think of myself, a “withdrawal” person. I tends to hide my feeling, by shying away from situations that I find threatening. I always have a strong feeling that need to protect myself by steering clear of anything that threatens me. I tends to do thing that I am more comfort with and tends to not try new things. The style is characterized by a strong tendency to deny responsibility for one’s own behavior, feeling a guilt over real or imagined mistakes, fear of failure, a preoccupation with one’s own concerns, and lack of self-disclosure that eventually leads to emotional isolation.

Your LSI Styles Profile


Your LSI Styles Circumplex

My limiting style identifies and illustrate the...

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Life Styles Inventory. (1987-2011). Human Synergistics, Inc.
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