Life of Pi Discussion Questions

Topics: Religion, Christianity, Faith Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: January 30, 2011
Life of Pi Discussion Questions

1. Life of Pi allowed the author to gain what he had been hungry for. He was wanting to write a good book and had been unsuccessful many times. Life of Pi was the emotional nourishment he had been longing for. 2. The town made a difference in Pi’s upbringing because it showed him the different religions and learned many needed from the zoo. 3. Mr. Adirubasamy claims Pi’s story will make you believe in God, although my beliefs were not altered. 4. In chapters 21 and 22 in Life of Pi the points that are talked about have to do with the love and light that come with religion. A lot of the story revolves around these points. 5. Religion is steeped in illusion because for a person with a strong faith for a religion they don’t question what is beyond what they know. They arnt curious to know the real meaning of everything and they are content with believing what they are given. Animals in zoo’s are similar because they are given a place to live with everything they need so they don’t need to find out what they do not already know. 6. The essence of Pi’s story is that he faced a long, hard situation and made it through with out giving up or losing his faith. 7. Religion involves believing something based off of stories of things happening or already happened. Religions have many stories included with them. 8. An irrational number is a number that can not be written as a simple fraction. The number of Pi is irraritional and constant, which describes Piscine. 9. Life of Pi compares to other similar novels in ways like catching and eating food, losing eyesight, and watching for ships. It is different because he has an animal on board his boat with him. 10. If the sole surviving animal had been the zebra, the hyena, or the orangutain the story would be mainly about surviving the sea. Pi might have survived but Richard Parker helped keep Pi wanting to stay alive with a less dangerous animal he may have...
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