Life Long Learning

Topics: Community college, Lifelong learning, Further education Pages: 4 (1805 words) Published: September 16, 2014
Lifelong learning involves cumulative learning over time in a variety of circumstances. It is a popular term that supports ongoing education to support a changing workplace and social settings that learning supports. Lifelong learning is also what engages people in an interdependent relationship between work and education. This assignment will analyse and discuss the different conceptions of lifelong learning as part of educational institutions, personal, social, cultural and vocational learning. The relationship between vocation and working life and lifelong learning will then be examined and it will be argued that while the changing nature of work is currently focused on the economic value of such work there are significant social and cultural issues that therefore have an effect on the implementation and worth of lifelong learning. Finally, the education worth of lifelong learning will be examined as something that aligns with vocational worth and industry defined competency. It will be argued that socio-economic disparity is a reason to include value lifelong learning as being able to contribute more than just work skills.

Lifelong learning is an evolving concept that has varied meanings and goals and has been used in various forms since its adoption by UNESCO and other prominent organisations who started using it shortly after the Second World War (Jarvis, 2004, p. 62) and has regained popularity since the mid 90’s (Tight, 2002, p. 39). Lifelong learning can involve learning in an educational institution, the workplace, within communities, with family or independently. It is also understood as “an individual process which continues throughout the whole of life” (Jarvis, 2004, p. 65) and therefore learning tends to be cumulative, something that starts before school and continues well after formal education finishes. Lifelong learning is now a subject that is included in almost every social change agenda and...
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