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life is full of ifs and buts

By shreyadhamale Feb 06, 2014 573 Words
Idea occurs: this is the stage when an individual thinks what he is going to say and who to.2. Message coded: this is the way that an individual puts his thoughts together with the way he is going to communicate, putting the thoughts into language or into some other code such as sign language.3. Message sent: this is stage is when an individual speaks or sign what they are going to say, in few words is the way the message is sent.4. Message received: this is where the person you are speaking to has listened to what you said and they have to sense the message by hearing or watching.5. Message decoded: The receiver has to understand the message that the sender has just sent. This could be misunderstood easily by interpreting words differently or they might make assumptions about your body language as well as words.6. Message understood: at this stage the message should be understood but it does not always happen at the first time, and if so the cycle needs to start all over... [continues]LIFE IS FULL OF ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’.”Good morning to one and all. Today I Abhinav Gupta is going to speak on the topic “Life is full of ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’.” Many of us have heard and even used the idiom – No ifs or buts at some point in our life. “Ifs and Buts” is a term used to describe the reasons people give for not wanting to do something. To show that you don’t wish to accept any excuses, you can tell somebody that you wish to hear no ifs or buts. We not only tell it to others, sometimes they tell it to us as well.By now you would have guessed that I’m not going to talk about the definition of this idiom. I’ll go a little deeper and wish to share my thoughts.Let me take the word IF first. The moment we start a sentence with this word, we are sending out vibes of doubt. We are putting condition on potential good actions by doubting that would even happen. Some examples are:1. If I get more money, I will do more charity.2. If I lose some weight, I can fit in that dress and be happy.3. If I can afford it, I would love to have that …4. If I had more education, I would have a better job and earn more money.5. If I have more time, I would love to do …I can keep going on. I think you get the point. In all the above mentioned cases, happiness and peace of mind is conditional. We have trained our mind and body to accept such virtual happiness scenarios. We are okay to retrofit the outcomes in our life back to our thinking. All the above statements are crying out loud that we don’t have enough. I’m not happy. I’m not at peace. I will be IF …. And most importantly, you don’t even know who controls that IF.To turn this statement into more positive one, I have a very simple rule. Change all IFs in your life to WHENs. So the above sentences will look like this:1. When I get more money, I will do more charity.2. When I lose some weight, I can fit in that dress and be happy.3. When I can afford it, I would love to have that 

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