life is beautiful

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 Life is beautiful written response Aisan K

In my opinion, the quotation that best describes the movie life is beautiful is: “life is beautiful conveys a message that is universal; hope and laughter can bring light into even the darkest corner.” When I read this quotation, I already knew that it was the right quotation for this movie because Guido kept on trying to tell Joshua that this is all just a game and it’s not actually them being servants. I also felt like it was a good quotation because it’s really sad at the place they are staying at while they are slaves, they are all wearing grey and the Germans keep on screaming and yelling at the servants. But Guido made the best out of those days that they were there for Joshua. He kept on making jokes and making Joshua laugh. I think this quote is inspirational because its telling you that hope and laughter can bring light to the most darkest moment. That’s exactly what Guido did.

This quotation reminds me of when my friend broke up with her boyfriend and she was really sad. To make her feel better, my other friend, her and I all had sleepovers for 6 days just to make her forget about her ex-boyfriend. We made her laugh and we told her how she’ll find a better boy. Also how he wasn’t worth her tears. This quotation reminds me of that memory because it was a really dark moment for her. Whenever she heard a sad song, she would just burst into tears. But we helped her get through it by being there for her. Another memory that I had that this quotation reminds me of is when one of my other close friend’s dad got cancer and I felt so bad for her. I was always there for her when she wanted to talk and I helped her get through her dark moments. I know how it feels like to have a sick dad and it must have been killing her on the inside. Whenever she cried I would tell her its okay, he’ll get better. This quotation means a lot to me because I can relate to it a lot.

I mostly focused on the...
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