Life in prison

Topics: Jury, Supreme Court of the United States, Murder Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Jonathan Hackshaw
1st Period
In the United States Supreme Court, life in prison for a juvenile should not be mandatory. Juvenile killers should have their case considered and have the court and jury have the last say on that individual’s case. Children and adults under the age of twenty-five do not have a fully developed brain. Therefore they cannot think of the future consequences and results. Children are impulsive and usually act before they evaluate a situation. These impulsive acts that children do are not their fault. The homicide case in Arkansas should not have been life in prison for three felons in this homicide case. In the case all three criminals were tried as adults. These three individuals are under the age of eighteen. Which by law says they are not adults! Since the three of these criminals were under the age of eighteen they should not have been tried as adults. The boy that shot and murdered the cashier should have gotten into more trouble than the two boys that accompanied him in the homicide. The two other boys probably didn’t know he was going to kill the cashier. All three of the criminals should not have been given life in prison without parole without the possibility of parole.

In the homicide case dealing with Evan Miller is a very cruel case. Although he is a fourteen year old juvenile delinquent he should not have been given life in prison for a mistake he made at this age. The background in a case should always be evaluated and relevant to a case instead of being undermined by the court. In court every aspect should be analyzed and put into account of the trial. Evan Miller’s background should have been put into account. I believe he was not given a fair trial. Raphael Johnson, Lawrence Wu, Charles Dutton, and many more individuals went to jail for murders as a juvenile delinquent. They all changed as time went on and became very successful people in life. Mandatory life in prison is for someone under the age of...
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