Life in 50 Years in Three Countries

Topics: United States, Poverty, Per capita income Pages: 4 (1260 words) Published: May 30, 2010
It is the year 2056, and China has become the leading superpower in the world. With more wealth, resources, and manpower than many of the other modern countries combined, China dominates the free market and commerce. The Chinese Yuan has become worth almost as much as the American dollar. In the major cities of China, life is streamlined and fast paced. However, life has remained mostly unchanged for the Chinese farmer living out in the country.

Though new technology is available, not much of it has reached in the farmer’s small village. Though, with global satellites in place, his family is able to log onto the internet from an old computer. The ability to access the internet provides them with a wider view of the world outside of their small village, and motivates his children to seek more work in places besides taking up the farmer’s job. Education has also improved because of it, and the opportunities for the next generation are constantly growing. Technological jobs are in demand more than ever, and his children will most likely move to one of the large cities when they grow up to pursue a better paying occupation.

Rice is still the staple of every meal, though new food from around the world is occasionally traded in, much to the curiosity of the village. The farmer grows the majority of the food for the family, and the traditional dishes of Chinese culture are still enjoyed, such as Zhong Dumplings, Dundun Noodles, and Dengying Beef. For the rest of their food, the local market is the place to shop. The market has also grown and includes a number of foreign items now.

The farmer still enjoys traditional pastimes and simple games in his spare time. His children, on the other hand, have become more taken with all their computer has to offer, and they frequently chat with others in China and around the world.

The farmer’s fears have remained largely unchanged. Natural disasters are still his biggest worries, with floods and fires destroying...

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