Life Cycle of a Tennis Player

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PROBLEM: A normal person, if he want to become a tennis professional has to go through different phases. These different phases are as follows:

Ex player
Each phase has its own requirements and goals. The person has to satisfy the requirements if he wants to achieve his goals.

1)As an Amateur:

Ideal age to learn tennis is at most 7years
Learn the basics of tennis in 1 year
Start playing tournaments and gain match experience after that. •Should find the best coach available
Should be financially sound
2)As a Player:

The ideal age for a player is 10-16 years
Should quit school and play more national level tournaments. •Should win as many tournaments as possible
Should gain as many ranking points as possible
Should be in top10 in the country
Work on fitness everyday for at least 3hours.
Should have a practice partner who plays better then you •Should be financially very sound as it is difficult to get sponsorer in this phase •Should try to get a sponsorer.
The injuries should be as minimum as possible
3)As a professional:

A player, if he is serious about tennis, should turn into a professional by 18years. •The best of the game what has been learnt will be reflected during this period. And the person will be in prime for around 5 years. •Should find a sponsorer

Should play more and more international tournaments
Should gain as many international ranking points as possible. •Work on fitness everyday for at least 3hours
Should have a very good practice partner who understand your style of game •The injuries should be as minimum as possible
Should find endorsement deals with corporate companies



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