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My Life of Being A Swimmer

I will never forget the feeling of winning my first gold medal in swimming when I was eight. The moment when my coach and my parents were very proud of me, and I was proud of myself. I will never forget the excitement and contentment for taking part in the Olympic Time Trial last year. When I've worked hard for something and I've got the best I can out of myself on that day, that's where I get satisfaction from. Swimming is not just a sport to me. It is a way of life. Swimming shapes my personality, and makes me a stronger person to fight for success.

I have swimming training at 5:30 in the early morning before class while others are still sleeping in bed. After school, I rush to the pool and swim for two hours while other students are hanging around, chatting in coffee shop. Every day, I spent three to four hours of time in the swimming pool since I was six. The pool is my second home. I love my coach and my teammates. Their supports are my motivation to go through the hard trainings. Every time I walk into the pool, the smell of chlorine refreshes my mind. It keeps me awake no matter how sleepy I am in the morning or how tired I feel after school. When I dive into the pool, the temperature of the water reminds me to swim the fastest I can. Each breath, each stroke, I can feel the strength in my muscle. My body is burning when my heart beats faster and faster. During practices, my mind only focuses on the set of swim and takes all my worries and stresses away.

Swimming has turned me into a disciplined person. Behavior plays an important role of being a successful swimmer. In the daily routine, I learned that hard work and determination lead to the fulfillment of goals. I have intensive trainings throughout the whole year in order to build stronger muscles and lungs for swimming. Swimming requires me to make a lot of physical effort. Over time, I learned that my own effort produces my own...
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