Lab Swimming I Second Journal

Topics: Swimming, 2006 singles, Better Pages: 2 (524 words) Published: April 13, 2015
Lab Swimming I
Matthew R. Holder
Yuanyuan Lian (Summer)
During a week of swimming class, I found myself getting more and more comfortable in the water, and my freestyle improved a lot than before. Before take this class, I learn freestyle from watching other people swim; however, I still feel struggle when I use freestyle to swim. After we learn freestyle in class and practice in class, I become much more comfortable with freestyle, I am really happy now I can freestyle without stopping in the water, and my pose become more professional. I also realize when we doing freestyle we do not need to bend my knee, after fixing the pose I think I swim better and faster. In the class we also learn when swimming with rotating shoulder side, and swim only with arms, (the technique we put a float between legs). After doing these, I think I am better with the balance in the water, and have more control when in the water. After I have more balance, I become more confident when swimming. What’s more, I really like that we counting the strokes when swim, at first I feel a little wired, but after I get the rhythm, I feel more comfortable and become less tired when swimming. I also learned that when become tired, I should not being too struggle, instead I need to be relax. Because the more struggle I have in the water, the quicker I become tired in the water. I also learned to breathe easier when swimming in the class, now I breathe with my shoulder goes up, it works very well. After taking a week swimming class, I feel this class change my lifestyle. For example, I am not morning person last semester, and usually only have two meals since I do not eat breakfast; however, after take this class, I start getting up early in the morning and eat breakfast. And I feel fresh after swimming because my body totally wake up. So when go to the class after this class, I can focus more and learn very effectively. Last semester I usually go to bed late, sometimes cannot fall...
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