Life After Death: The Ideas Of Life After Death

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Life after death known as afterlife is believed that when a person dies that the essential part of their identity continues on. The possibility of life after death has been talked about since the ancient times. Different religions, cultures and civilizations make up our existence and we must understand that everyone had different belief on immortality and were never the same. Homeric and Platonic conceptions of immortality were the two different ideas that the civilizations of ancient Greece believed in. Early Greek religion believed that there were human and there were many gods. They believed in gods such as Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Olympus, Zeus and many more who can never die which made them immortal. Homeric believed immortality of...

It was believed that platonic person are truly immortal. We are identified by our souls and not by our body. Our body is known as the prison house where the soul is kept until physical death where then it escapes and “achieves its true states of endless life.” (Rowe, pg. 148) Life after death is superior to the life of the body and of the earth.
Religion of Islam, Jews and Christianity believed in the resurrection of the body. Its belief that a person is a unity between body and the soul and after death the soul continues to exist making it less than full human. A person in the future life must reunite itself with the soul that was from a resurrected body. Christianity believes at the end of time when the world ends the risen bodies will be once again be reunited with the souls of people. St. Paul states that our resurrected body will be immortal and spiritual rather than corporeal or...

George asked Drayton Thomas to fill in as a proxy sitter and requested an arrangement with a medium. No other information was given except that information was being sought. George and Harold also sat in a sitting and overall there were six sittings done. The mediums were able to reply messages that the person died of a strange accident which involved drowning, pool and a stunning blow and a presence of another person. They were also able to provide the nature of his work. We must now wonder if this was just a coincidence and could be fraud or that fact of Vandy’s soul survived bodily death and was able to communicate through the mediums. Another hypothesis is the “Super Extrasensory Perception Hypothesis.” This is when the medium is able to gather all the information from the minds of the living during the sitting. It’s difficult to choose which method is being...
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