Salvation From Death Analysis
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In the Hellenistic period we see a need for salvation from death. Due to the culture shock that many people experienced when the borders of different countries and cultures were erased, many people became pessimistic, started to doubt there religions and experienced the break-up of culture. The same is happening today as the internet and television make the world “smaller” in the sense that we are much more aware of the happenings world wide and capable of communicating ideas and perspectives easily through the internet and the international distributions of books for example. This vast variety of ideas and principles have created the same confusion and doubt that was experienced during the Hellenistic period. Back then Philosophy became more …show more content…
People wanted to see. The need to understand is synonymous with the fear of death, since the reason most people fear death is because it is unknown. No one can prove that there is a life after death beyond any doubt, but religions hold this promise of explanation. Still today we cling to this hope of salvation, this possible answer to dismiss our fear of the unknown that awaits us. Both Hinduism and Buddhism stem from this Indo-European culture and both religions are still widely practised today. Many Indo-European cultures relied on the fundamental belief of rebirth and offered this as explanation of what lies beyond death. Many cultures still hold this belief today and strive to live well and follow all the rules so as to ensure a better life for themselves in the next cycle, this is their theory for salvation from …show more content…
This was their answer to the question of life after death. Jerusalem features many prominent religious buildings from all three of these religions and is therefore the reason of a massive dispute. Thousands have been killed in their quest to acquire this sought after city since it has significant religious value to each of these groups. Here we see how the quest to escape death through the promises of religion has led to more death. This dispute is still lasting today and is one of the major problems that the UN has to try and dissolve. Whereas the Indo- Europeans regarded seeing as important. The Semites had this belief of hearing. In these cultures the creation of pictures or sculptures of their God was forbidden. This is still true today for both Judaism and Islam. In these three religions people believed that redemption from sin and blame would save them and give them eternal life. These three religions are still widely practised in the modern culture and Christianity especially has influenced western cultures. Monarchies from families believed to be ordained by God are still in seat in countries like the United Kingdom. Because of prophets like Paul, Christianity was wide spread, people yearned to believe in something that could save them from oblivion. Jesus was this Saviour. He died on the cross for the

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