Library System

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The UE Mission Statement
Imploring the aid of Divine Providence, the University of the East dedicates itself to the service of youth, country and God, and declares adherence to academic freedom, progressive instruction, creative scholarship, goodwill among nations and constructive educational leadership. Inspired and sustained by a deep sense of dedication and a compelling yearning for relevance, the University of the East hereby declares as its goal and addresses itself to the development of a just, progressive and humane society. The UE Vision Statement

As a private non-sectarian institution of higher learning, the University of the East commits itself to producing, through relevant and affordable quality education, morally upright and competent leaders in various professions, imbued with a strong sense of service to their fellowmen and their country. The UE CORE VALUES

The University adheres to the core values of Excellence, Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Commitment, Transparency, Accountability and Social Responsibility. The UE Objectives
In pursuance of its mission, the University adopts the following objectives: 1. To educate its students to become conscious of the problems of society and be committed to their solutions; 2. To orient its educational offerings to meet the pressing needs of Philippine society and the demands of the 21st century; 3. To make itself a more decisive instrument for economic development, social progress and the promotion of desirable cultural values; 4. To promote the advancement of knowledge through the cultivation of reason, rational discourse and free inquiry through research, scholarship and creative works; and 5. To render valuable public service and outreach through various extension services.
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