Library Management System Eprojct in Java

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How to write the SRS documentation, following IEEE Std. 830. ISM 4331, J.Zalewski, September 2003

1. General

1.1 All documents should have a title page (to include information such as: title of the project, course name and number, team members, place, date, and other relevant information).

1.2 Table of Contents normally makes a lot of sense, so should be included as well

1.3 Number all sections in the document.

1.4 Any reference correctly included in Section 1.4 should be written as follows:

For books, reports, theses, standards, manuals, etc.:
[number] NameOfAuthor(s), TtitleOfWork, Publisher, Place, Date (if authors’ or editors’ names are not available, it can start with a title of the name of the Publisher)

For papers/articles:
[number] NameOfAuthor(s), TtitleOfWork, JournalName, VolumeNumber, IssueNumber, PageNumbers (pp. first-last), Year (or Month and Year)

For papers in Conference Proceedings:
[number] NameOfAuthor(s), TtitleOfWork, Phrase “Proceedings of the” Conference Name, Place, Date[, Publisher, Place Date]

For websites:
[number] AuthorNames(s), TitleOfWork, Company’s Name, Place, Date, URL

Note. For names of authors never use full first names, only initials!

1.5 All references from Section 1.4 have to be referred to in the text (using [number] notation)

1.6 Do not end section titles with colons.

1.7 Every figure/diagram should have a caption (number and titile). Place it underneath the figure/diagram.

1.8 Every table should have a number and title, placed above the table.

1.9 “Shall/Must” phraseology should not be used in unless it is requirement. This means that normally it is not used in sections 1 or 2.

2. Writing “Introduction”

- In Section 1.1 “Purpose”, describe the purpose of this document, not the purpose of the software being developed.
- In Section 1.2 “Scope”, describe the scope of this document, not the scope of the software being developed.
- In Section 1.5 “Overview”, provide...
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