Library Information System

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1.2Introduction to Library Information System:
We are living in the 21st century which is known as the ”computer age”, where almost every kind of work is carried out with the help of computer. From the smallest work to the most critical works are carried out with the help of computers. What is more, now with increasing popularity of the internet many important applications have sprung up to make use of this wonderful technology. Many important applications have been designed with the view to communicate information to people all around the world. An information system is an open system that allows input and facilities interaction with the user. In our case ”Library Information System” is an open system which allows taking input from the user provide interactive environment to have different output according to user’s need. The library information system maintains the record of Library for the following purpose: 1. For day to day issuing of library books. 2. For fast retrieval of books information. 3. Maintaining information about journals, magazines ,newspapers etc. 4. Information about the vendor’s of books ,journals,newspaper. 5. To produce different reports against different query as per our need. 6. Information about the students and staff to whom books has been issued. 7. Maintain the record of fines. 8. Maintain the record of billing the newspapers, journals etc. 9. Maintain the record maintenance of books. 10. Record of bindings of journals.


2.1Introduction to Initial Investigation:
Initial investigation determines whether an alternative system can solve the problem.

2.2Existing System
The present library management system of AEC is to keep record of various books, journals, newspapers, magazines etc to whom they are issued and the vendors and fines related to the books. The present Library system of AEC is manual, means the librarian maintain the various records in files. There is no computer based information system.

2.3Drawback of the Existing System:
The present library system of AEC keeps all its records in paper files, which lead to maintaining a lot of files and document. This take a lot of time, effort and space from the cost involved in it. The addition and maintenance of personnel details of new student to whom books are issued at the beginning of every session as well as the old students who are promoted to the next class, in paper files is tiresome, time consuming and costly affair. The information is kept in an unstructured and unsystematic manner and scattered among huge number of files. So finding of specific information needs going through a lot of papers, as proper indexing system is not there. Apart from these, billing of newspapers, journals, calculating total fine collected at the end of the month ,year needs a lot of calculation. Then for generating reports separate manual type machine is employed.

2.4Proposed System:
The proposed system aims at making the above system automated and online. The computerized system allows the librarian to calculate the fine, the bill by just click of a mouse. The status of a book could be known by knowing the title or author or the accession number of the book. The library form can also be downloaded from it. The software is required to perform the tasks as narrated below: 1. Online membership. 2. Keeps the track of issues and submission of books. 3. Status of b book. 4. Status of a member. 5. Status of the student who has taken the book. 6. Status of the book yet to be returned. 7. Calculation of fine.

Also various reports will be generated on these topics. The system is also required to provide for 3 levels of access. These are as follows:

General User: They have permission to search books in library, change their own password, and can view their own details.

Librarian: The librarian is allowed to add, delete and modify the various records related to books and members. He/she can issue books to users. In brief we can say that he/she can maintain...
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