Library Buildings: Bibliometric Analysis

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Library Buildings: a Bibliometric Analysis (1968-2011)
Earlier library buildings were use to construct in the context of preservation of documents which had only the purpose of protection to them. Because of the tremendous growth in the literature in all the subjects’ it was difficult to accommodate more number of documents in the established libraries. At this stage librarians were seeking adequate building structure for libraries to protect the documents. As the information, communication and technology growing rapidly, librarians are found importance in changing of library structure. It is necessary to build a library, keeping cognizant about digital resources, technological growth and user approach as well. The growth of information, communication, technology and scattered of literature are made impact on library operations and administrations. This impact has made library professionals to carry out the research on library buildings to find out the solution for problems in accessing and securing information in the libraries and there is a gradual change in outlook structure of library buildings. Result of this, the large number of literature published on library buildings since from the year 1968. Now a day’s discussions are held about emerging technology and digital libraries and people talk paperless libraries, wall less libraries etc. Many are predicting that the physical libraries will no more in the future days. In this situation anyone may think about; will libraries survive on physical existence? Will they lose its importance? No, we can’t predict the future with non-existence of the library as the other most of people strongly accept the physical existence of the libraries in the future digital scenario. Present Bibliometric study examines the growth of literature in a research form and also percentage of the publications published on the library buildings including the modern digital age. Objectives

1. To find out the literature growth on Library Buildings 2. To determine the year wise distribution of articles
3. To come across the geological distribution of contributions 4. To prepare the ranking list of journals in order of their publications which may helps library professionals for their research work. 5. To examine the authorship pattern and degree of collaboration. 6. To determine the number and publication type of published literature 7. To find out the contribution of languages

In this present study the data is collected or downloaded from LISA and Web of Science databases. Collected data comprises 3753 articles from Journals, conferences, reports, review of books, proceedings etc. for the period of 44 years i.e. 1968-2011. The keyword “Library building” is used for the retrieval of data from the databases. The data is covered about 536 periodicals, more than 50 countries and 33 different languages. The retrieved data has been analyzed by using java web application, is a kind of search engine developed by one of the senior software engineers. In this study Bradford’s law and Lotka’s is used analyze the collected data. Scope

The current study is constrained to the growth of literature on library buildings. The study covered only author’s model, geographical distribution, language distribution, year wise distribution, type of publications. The analyzed data is covered only from 1968-2011 from the LISA and Web of Science databases. Growth of Literature

Before analyzing the retrieved data, except initial two years, each 5 years have been segregated as one block. The below chart illustrate that the increase in growth of literature from the year 1968 to 1980 (4%). During the year 1980-1995 (53%), the publications growth was almost stagnating with minimal fluctuations. Again from the year 1996 onwards the publications growth was extreme and it was continued up to 2005, the below chart indicates that 2001-05 (16.97%) is the saturation level of...
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