Lgbt: Standing for Their Rights and What's Right

Topics: Human rights, Southern Poverty Law Center, Education Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Eric Serna
Mr. Clements
English 3 Honors Period 5
28 September 2012
LGBT: Standing for Their Rights and What’s Right
If you were to see a student in need what would you do? You would most likely step in and help that person. Am I right? Now what if that student was an LGBT student? You would most likely require more time to process the benefits and consequences of stepping in and making a difference right? Well when it comes to that statement I have to say that you are incorrect. It is the responsibility of every person, including you, to help a student in need no matter who that student is and regardless of the consequences. Nevertheless, LGBT individuals, including students, are the minority that is the most targeted against. We can no longer afford to let this injustice continue as long as there are people that exist who can make a difference. My friends the time for change is HERE and NOW. With those words I say this. Every individual who supports the rights of a fellow student, the LGBT student, should donate their time and money to the Southern Poverty Law Center as they strive to ensure the rights of LGBT students through the use of legal action, educational campaigns and combating the so called conversion therapy.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) campaigns for rights for LGBT students through their educational campaign known as the Teaching Tolerance Program. The Teaching Tolerance Program is a project of the SPLC whose purpose is to help educators improve their teaching methods through methods such as professional development and various activities within the classroom in order to compose a more complete and cultivating environment. The program has recently released Bullied in 2010. “Bullied” is a documentary for anti-bullying release throughout the United States. The document is made for use in the classroom and improvement for educators and highlights the tale of a student who struggled to stand up for what’s right against his...
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