LGBT Bullying

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Azaria Chand
Ms. Kelly
English 10R-4
12 November 2013
Independent Reading Book Report
Veronica Roth was raised in the Chicago suburb of Barrington Illinois. Roth studied creative writing at Northwestern University where she wrote the first book in her trilogy, Divergent, which became a New York Times Best Selling novel. Roth has won numerous awards for each book in the trilogy including; Good Reads Favorite Book of 2011 and Good Reads Best Young Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction (2012). Divergent is now a major motion picture and is set to release March 21st, 2014. The last installment of the Divergent trilogy, Allegiant was released October 22nd, 2013. Roth is now a full time writer and lives with her husband near Chicago.

Divergent takes place in futuristic Chicago where citizens are split into five factions: Dauntless (bravery), Erudite (intelligence), Abnegation (selflessness), Amity (peace) and Candor (honesty). At the age of sixteen, the boys and girls of each faction take an aptitude test to see which faction they truly belong in based on their decisions. They have the choice of either switching faction and leaving their family forever or staying in the faction they are in and living the rest of their lives as a lie. The book follows a young Abnegation woman named Tris Prior and her quest to find out who she truly is and where she belongs. Tris is very similar to Katniss from The Hunger Games. They are both extremely courageous and independent women who fight for what is right. Both Tris and Katniss are willing to risk their lives to save others. Tris sticks up for her friend Al when he is being ridiculed by their initiator Eric and then puts her life on the line for Al. Katniss does the same for Peeta when he is injured and is unable to protect himself. Both these characters are strong and brave women who will do anything to protect their loved ones.

The tone through out this novel is very dark and dangerous. One can sense the danger in the air...
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